"Dr. Tsai and her staff are very friendly. I have had several crowns in the past few years and she has always been concerned with my comfort and well-being. She has even called me at home at the end of the day to make sure that I was doing fine. All my crowns have fit perfectly.  Dr. Tsai is a professional, caring and concerned dentist."
- Nancy, Escondido, CA

"I need to preface this review by saying: I am completely dentist-phobic.

One of the reasons I have such a phobia of dental work is that I have been to several pretty terrible dentists and quite a few so-so dentists. This dental office is the first I have visited that I have felt really comfortable in.

Dr. Tsai has followed very closely in her predecessor's footsteps in many ways. She is kind and patient (even with me, which is not an easy thing as I gently wig out in the chair). She has not had a problem stopping in the middle of something if I just can't take it anymore, she has even answered questions about the procedure she was in the process of doing, allowing me to take a breather.  She is very reassuring and is willing to take my being a difficult patient with grace and good humor.  I can't tell you how much difference this makes to the overall experience!

I am particularly freaked out by needles in my mouth. I have to note here that Dr. Tsai has possibly the gentlest injection technique I have ever experienced. If I HAVE to have a needle in my mouth, she's the one to do it!


On my first visit to Dr. Tsai to have my teeth cleaned she was very thorough in her examination.  They took x-rays, which she paid a great deal of attention to, catching a couple of things that other dentists had missed in the past.  Rather than expecting me to simply take her word for a recommendation of additional dental work, she took the time to show me what was needed.  Not only did she use the x-ray to demonstrate, but she went so far as to take a photograph that was easier for my untrained eyes to understand.


I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Dr. Tsai as a dentist.  I would most especially encourage anyone who is shy of dental work to give her a try."
-Catherine P. Encinitas, CA

"I would recommend Dr. Tsai to anyone.  She's very gentle and knowledgeable.  I had a crown and fillings done here and they feel great.  I love the staff.  They are very friendly and caring."
-Angela T. Poway, CA